Sunday, 21 February 2016

23rd June - 17 Weeks

We are now on notice that, 17 weeks on Thursday, on Thursday 23rd June 2016 there will be the referendum on our future in the European Union that David Cameron promised.

"Those who want to leave Europe cannot tell you if British Business would be able to access Europe's free trade single market or if working people's jobs are safe or how much prices would rise. All they are offering is a risk at a time of uncertainty - a leap in the dark" (David Cameron)

It is impossible to leave Europe as that is a geographical construct. 

I want (hopefully we want) to leave the European Union - a supranational entity that governs the United Kingdom. If we vote to remain in the European Union we might as well not refurbish the Palace of Westminster but leave it as a rotting, asbestos riddled hulk - a symbol of a thousand years of British history given away without consent to a foreign power. An Island history abdicated by a Conservative Party that is not Conservative and is afraid of being in charge of a truly Sovereign Global power.

Those who want to leave the European Union CAN tell you if British Business would be able to access Europe's free trade single market - they can if we adopt Flexcit (The Market Solution) and leave under Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty which will mean leaving as a series of steps to the ultimate goal. David Cameron and his successors will have more power if we leave. 

"The choice goes to the heart of the kind of country we want to be. And the future that we want for our children. This is about how we trade with neighbouring countries to create jobs, prosperity and financial security for our families. And it is about how we co-operate to keep our people safe and our country strong" (David Cameron)

The kind of country I want to be is an independent one free from being shackled to a European Supranational State where we will never get what we want (because at least 13 other states will never agree with us) and where our bureaucracy, the Civil Service, gold plates every treaty and every agreement.

The deal is NOT legally binding - it relies on future treaty change that there is no guarantee that we will get. There are French and German elections to come and who knows if Mr Hollande or Frau Merkel will still be in office? Supposing future leaders of Germany and France veto the deal?

"The substance of this will be incorporated into the Treaties at the time of their next revision in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Treaties and the respective constitutional requirements of the Member States, so as to make it clear that the references to ever closer union do not apply to the United Kingdom." (My Emphasis)

EUReferendum states:

"In other words, the heads of state or government are making a promise which they are not in a position to make, and have no means of enforcing. In their role as heads of state or government, they cannot commit the European Union to triggering the Article 48 procedure, which requires action by the European Council and the European Parliament, and then agreement of the individual member states at some time in the unspecified future."

At some time in the unspecified future. At what date is the next treaty? Who will be in power then in France, Germany and the other 25 nations let alone in the United Kingdom as David Cameron says he will be gone by 2020? Will David Cameron's successors push for legally binding changes? What if they don't?

This is the most important decision of my lifetime (I was not old enough to vote in 1975) and it literally means the future of a country that I love for the rest of my life - I do not expect to get another referendum chance like this.

The choice to me is simply this: 

We can vote to remain in a Supranational United States of what is really Greater Germany governed, effectively, by the Franco-German axis or:

We can vote to Leave. 

If we Leave, we become, once again, an Independent Sovereign State where decisions are made for the benefit of the people of the United Kingdom. If we Leave, an independent Government will be at the top table in the Global arena where more and more law emanates from.

There is no second chance. This is it. I implore you:

Vote to Leave the European Union

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