Sunday, 29 May 2016

An appeal to The Postal Voter

A few years ago, I was away for the local elections and applied for a postal vote. I have had a postal vote ever since.

My European Union Referendum postal vote arrived yesterday. 

This is the point at which you put pen to paper and I want to appeal to you to put your cross against the 'Leave the European Union' option which is the bottom option on the ballot paper:

Why should you do this?

The Principal reason is that you are voting to retake power from unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. 

The United Kingdom can be and is outvoted under Quality Majority Voting.

The United Kingdom has to implement European Union policies which may not be in the interests of the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom has NOT got an Independent Sovereign voice at the Top Table. 

The United Kingdom COULD get back its Independent Sovereign Voice at the top table.

This is where YOUR Vote is Vital and Precious

Please use it. Wisely.

If the Leave side wins the referendum absolutely nothing will happen the day after. It will take two years under Article 50 to Leave the European Union and the 'first base' will be the EFTA/EEA option that will keep us in the European Union single market and thus guarantee our trading relationships. 

It will mean repatriating the EU Acquis to the United Kingdom as a 'European Union Law book' and will probably take the next ten years to analyse and keep or repeal those laws.

It is not an 'instant fix' or anything like it. It has taken 43 years to get to this point, we can not undo 43 years of law making overnight, in any event some of the laws will still make sense after we Leave

There is an excellent plan outlined in Flexcit, the Market solution

This referendum is about the governance of the United Kingdom - who rules the United Kingdom - unelected officials in Brussels or YOU, the elector of the United Kingdom

Vote to restore YOUR governance of the United Kingdom

Vote to show that you are retaking power from the politicians to whom you have LOANED it

Vote to give the United Kingdom an Independent Sovereign Voice at the Top Table

Vote for the benefit of the generations that will follow that they will live in an Independent Sovereign State

Vote for Confidence

Vote against Supranationalism

Vote for Intergovernmental trading where all have an equal voice

Please, I appeal to YOU, the individual elector

Vote to Leave the European Union

Friday, 27 May 2016

IF (with apologies to Rudyard Kipling)

The main and deciding reason to vote to Leave the European Union is in order to take back governance of the United Kingdom from unelected officials and return it to the people and electors of the United Kingdom.

Some of the scare stories really need to be challenged. Can it really be true that if the electors of the United Kingdom vote to leave the undemocratic and regional supranational state that the European Union has become then this small island will bring down the European Union with it? 

If so that is an excellent reason to vote to leave the European Union so that Italy, Greece, the Baltic States and others can get their governance back and debate and trade inter-Governmentally.

Alex Salmond is reported to have said that a Brexit vote would lead to another Scottish Independence vote 'within two years'.

WHAT a coincidence when Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty allows the United Kingdom two years to leave the European Union. 

However, that is not the main issue here. 

If it is true that a vote to Leave the European Union would lead to a second Scottish Independence vote within two years, then that is a very good reason for every Scottish Nationalist Party supporter to vote to Leave the European Union.

If you want to have Scottish Independence, vote to Leave the European Union

If you are a Northern Irish, English or Welsh voter that wants Scotland to become an Independent Sovereign State, vote to Leave the European Union

If you are an English, Northern Irish or Welsh voter and are fed up of the Barnett formula, which sends money to Scotland and which even its inventor says is passed its sell by date, vote to Leave the European Union

If you are a Scottish, Welsh, English, or Northern Ireland voter who wants to remain together as the United Kingdom in an Independent Sovereign United Kingdom, vote to Leave the European Union

If you did not vote Conservative in the last General Election (3 out of 4 electors), vote to Leave the European Union

If you believe that David Cameron has lied to the electorate, vote to Leave the European Union

If you believe that Anthony Blair lied to the electorate over the Iraq war, vote to Leave the European Union

If you do not accept that Dr David Kelly committed suicide, vote to Leave the European Union

If you are angry about the repeated delays to the publication of the Chilcot inquiry, vote to Leave the European Union

If you do not trust our politicians or the political process, vote to Leave the European Union

If you do not approve of Barack Obama or Christine Lagarde or the leaders of the G7 trying to tell you how to vote, vote to Leave the European Union

If you think that Gideon Osborne is a devious mendacious pole climbing sycophantic politician and more of a liar than David Cameron is, vote to Leave the European Union

I mean - is any of the above advice any worse than the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt that the Remain camp keeps broadcasting?

If you are or were a Conservative Party member or supporter, then recognise that the party you support no longer exists and is led by liars. Take a look at this article

and accept that the Conservative Party is so toxic that it can no longer be trusted and vote to Leave the European Union.

I seriously advise you not to take part in Vote Leave's £50 million European Football Championship competition as, in order to do so, you must give them your data. This is not, in my opinion, a good thing to do:

ask first: 

What is going to happen to my data? Who will own it? What are they going to do with it? Can it be sold on? Have I any rights to rescind my data from Vote Leave?

This referendum is not about football competitions or cheap shots or lying Prime Ministers or Scottish Independence.

This referendum is about WHO governs the United Kingdom. 

The choice is:

Remain - unelected and irremovable bureaucrats based in Brussels  who really, really do not have the interests of the United Kingdom at the forefront of their minds.

Leave: Retake control; retake the power you have LOANED to the politicians. Make this country once again an Independent Sovereign Nation with an Independent Sovereign voice at the Top Table; able to initiate and influence policy which it is unable to do at present because it has to take a 'Community (European Union)' position and is represented by the regional supranational power to which it is subservient.

There is an intermediate 'soft' landing discussed in Flexcit, the Market Solution (the EFTA/EEA option)

which shows how we remain in the European Single Market whilst exiting the undemocratic regional supranational body (the European Union) to which we belong as a first step to full independence. The Economically Neutral Option which the Treasury did not even discuss in its latest hyperbolic publication. There is no leap in the dark. 

There is a way. 

Have confidence

Vote to retake power from a regional supranational unaccountable body

Vote to re-empower yourself and ensure that YOUR voice is heard at the Top Table as part of an Independent Sovereign State

Vote to show that you do not believe David Cameron or Gideon Osborne or Christine Lagarde.

Vote to empower your children and grandchildren

Vote for Independence

Vote for Influence

Vote for Confidence

Vote for Sovereignty

Vote to Leave the European Union

Monday, 23 May 2016

The Conservative Party is beneath contempt

It is now vital that it is pointed out just how awful the Conservative Party really is. It is rotten from top to bottom and has no redeeming feature whatever.

Gideon Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, is saying that Britain would face a year long 'DIY recession' following a vote to Leave the European Union. This is the same Chancellor of the Exchequer who has made so many U turns on policies that he wanted to enact that he has no idea which way he is facing. This is the same Chancellor of the Exchequer who has put back the date at which the United Kingdom will have a balanced budget.

"Chancellor George Osborne has delayed his promised budget surplus by a year.

The Office for Budget Responsibility's (OBR) forecasts now predicts a surplus of £10.0bn in 2019-20.
In March, the OBR forecast a surplus of £5.2bn in 2018-19, but that has now been revised to a £6.4bn deficit.
The OBR had described the March Budget plans as a rollercoaster rise because of the cuts in the first two years of the parliament and increased spending in the last two years."
Now it looks like the Conservative Party has real issues with its General Election expenditure and the Electoral Commission is investigating whether the Conservative Party has breached electoral law. The Scottish National Party is asking the Metropolitan Police to investigate. If the Conservative Party has breached electoral law, did they dishonestly appropriate the Election? Even David Cameron suggests there may be an issue:

Tory chairman Lord Feldman may have inadvertently ‘mis-declared’ or ‘left out’ vital General Election expenses, David Cameron indicated today – as he insisted the party would co-operate with a growing fraud inquiry.
Ten police forces and the Electoral Commission are now investigating claims that the Conservative Party spent thousands of pounds more than the law allows in marginal seats across the country during last year’s election.
The Prime Minister insisted today that the party had not ‘done anything wrong’.
But he appeared to acknowledge that some expenses may not have been declared in compliance with the letter of the law.
Asked if Lord Feldman would have to resign, Mr Cameron told ITV’s Peston on Sunday programme: ‘Well, I don’t believe we have done anything wrong. If there were mis-declarations or things left out we have to put those in place, but I’m confident we can answer all the questions that are being put to us.’

'The Conservative Party has not done anything wrong in omitting expenditure from its returns to the Electoral Commission' - the man is just lying. If they made a mistake they did it wrong - inadvertent or not.

What effect on a 6 seat overall majority (331 seats) - a 12 seat working majority did such activity have? Maybe they would not have won some marginal seats if they kept within the limits. Maybe they would not have had a majority. 

There is a Conservative Civil War in train between David 'the Heir to Blair' Cameron and Gideon Osborne on the one hand and Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and Michael Gove on the other. They are not interested in the electorate at all but in their individual, political careers.

What is really important is the following quote:

"But if you ask me what is a more important decision, a General Election or this Europe vote, actually the Europe vote is more important. Because if you don't like the Government, you can always get rid of them in five years time. I obviously don't like that bit. But that's the truth. Whereas if we make this decision to leave the EU and get out of the single market and hit our economy and hit jobs, it would be very, very difficult if not impossible to reverse that decision."  (David Cameron)

This quotation has been condemned by the Conservative Associations as Mr Cameron is being accused of betraying the party after suggesting that a Labour Government is better than Brexit:

Why is the party in the country surprised? David Cameron has complete contempt for the party in the country. They are useful when knocking on doors but otherwise they can (and are) ignored. 

The remarks were made by a senior figure in the Conservative Party who has strong social connections to the Prime Minister. “There’s really no problem,” the Conservative figure said about the parliamentary turmoil. “The MPs just have to do it because the associations tell them to, and the associations are all mad swivel-eyed loons.”

I don't believe that Vote Leave wants to Leave the European Union. Really. I believe that they would like to use a Leave vote to get a better 'deal' than Cameron brought home. Which would not be hard as Cameron's 'deal' has no legal basis whatever, needs treaty change (which is not on the near horizon) and which I believe our 'partners' will betray.

If the United Kingdom dusts off Flexcit (The Market Solution) and follows the steps outlined there we will not get out of the single market. We will remain in the single market using the EFTA/EEA route initially at least.

"But if you ask me what is a more important decision, a General Election or this Europe vote, actually the Europe vote is more important. Because if you don't like the Government, you can always get rid of them in five years time. I obviously don't like that bit. But that's the truth. Whereas if we make this decision to leave the EU .... it would be very, very difficult if not impossible to reverse that decision." 

This vote is more important than the General Election.

This vote is more important (far more important) than the Conservative Party.

This vote is about who governs the United Kingdom; unelected faceless bureaucrats in Brussels OR the people, the electors of the United Kingdom.

This may well be the last vote you get on this issue in the foreseeable future.

Vote to get your power back.

Vote for the benefit of your children and grandchildren, for the next generation. 

Vote to Leave the European Union.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Four Weeks to go

Once again, I am shocked at some of the statements being made by the Remain campaigners. As far as I can see they have not made any positive statements about the good that in their view the European Union might do. Instead they keep making scare stories that a vote to Leave the European Union will lead to all sorts of dire consequences.

The former bosses of TESCO, Sainsbury, Marks and Spencer and B&Q say that leaving the European Union would have a devastating effect on the economy.

"It is impossible to see how there could be an exit without an impact on prices and inflation. The unintended consequences of a Leave vote and the uncertainty it would create would be a massive shock to the system."

Gideon Osborne has said that Britain will be permanently poorer if it votes to Leave the European Union whilst calling in aid Christine Lagarde of the IMF to assist him. What I would like to know is what Gideon has promised Ms Lagarde in exchange for her statements and the 'analysis' of her organisation. 

I tell you what I fear: That if the United Kingdom votes to remain in the European Union, the unintended consequences will be a massive shock to the system. I believe that the United Kingdom will come under massive pressure to join the single currency, that we will come under pressure to become more integrated members, that the United Kingdom as an Independent Sovereign State will cease to exist. That is what Ever Closer Union implies and means.

I fear that, instead of being 28, the United Kingdom might soon be in a European Union of 35 states and all that means for the dilution of any remaining influence that we might have with the number of votes that we command with Qualified Majority Voting (QMV). The other seven nations are Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania

Mind you, some of the Leave campaigners have not helped the cause. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson has caused more fog than light to be cast and has undermined what the referendum is about. 

The electorate should be angry, very angry, that this referendum has become an unedifying public Conservative Civil War. The 'Dave' versus 'Boris' show is one thing this should not be. It is far more important than the useless Conservative (Tory) Party. I would like to think that the Conservative Party would pay heavily at the ballot box for this but I doubt it.

The United Kingdom needs to be able to state its own case at the top table and is unable to do this whilst being one of 28 states in a supranational European Union. It will be even less able to do if it is one of 35 states.

In his blog today, Richard North says:

"This brings us to the key issue. The obsession of the "leave" campaign to cut regulation is entirely misplaced. Much of the regulation of which people complain is benign, and would be kept whether we are in or out of the EU. What really matters is our ability to influence the legislative agenda at global level. We need to be able to get rid of that which is bad, to improve the mediocre and to support and extend the good.

The point is that, to some some extent, as long as we retain some residual powers, we can still do this. But our powers are on the wane, and the longer we are in the EU, the weaker we will get. The only way we can maintain (and extend) our power at the global level is to leave the EU. 

And that is why we must vote leave on 23 June."

Only by being an independent Sovereign State can the United Kingdom sit at the Top Table, have an independent voice, representing all of its electors and not having its view watered down or influenced or overridden (by QMV) by the other 27.

This referendum is about National Sovereignty - National Power. Once we regain and restore people power then we can negotiate for what WE (the electors of the United Kingdom) want.

I can only emphasis that this referendum is about who governs Britain - a supranational government based in Brussels or the electorate of the United Kingdom.

This is about people power. 

Since it might take 10 years to get to a position where we are truly independent under the steps outlined in Flexcit (The Market Solution), vote for your children and grandchildren. 

Vote that your children and grandchildren will have power in the future. 

Vote that the United Kingdom may have an independent sovereign voice at the global top table where more decisions are being taken.

Vote to show Dave and Alexander (Boris) and Gideon that you have loaned them power and you want it back.

Vote for National Sovereignty (Power) 

Vote to Leave the European Union.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

A Brilliant Plan

On holiday recently, I packed as my reading matter; 'Flexcit: The Market Solution to leaving the EU'

and I have read it. It is a simply EXCELLENT document. In 404 pages, excluding the Appendices, it lays out a path for the full independence of the United Kingdom answerable to no one but its own electorate which co-operates inter-governmentally with other sovereign states. The staging posts on this path are:

  • Withdrawal from the European Union
  • Immigration and Asylum
  • A Genuine Single Market
  • Policy Restoration
  • Global Trading
  • Domestic Reforms
The text is quite clear that there is no instant quick win or magic wand. Indeed, in one section on rebuilding our fishing policy after a Leave vote, it states that it might take ten years to get to the final base of a fully independent, sustainable, ecologically sensitive United Kingdom fishing authority.

If the 'Leave' vote succeeds on June 23rd then that is just the key to unlock a whole raft of policies and initiatives that might take until 2030 to achieve. 

In the interim, however, we would not be leaping into the dark as the text explains what the next steps should be and how our excellent bureaucratic machine could achieve them. Flexcit, the Market Solution should be mandatory reading for every single civil servant BEFORE the electorate as it is a masterclass of research - there are 1182 notes in the text for example which show the reference for statements made in it.

I would recommend reading the first 117 pages of the text before the referendum. It is fairly easy to read even though there are hundreds of abbreviations which are clarified at first mention and which are also in Appendix 1. 

In order to leave the European Union in a safe way, the Government needs to make an Article 50 (of the Lisbon Treaty) notification which gives two years to negotiate a post European Union deal. Flexcit shows how this can be achieved initially by joining EFTA/EEA in order to remain within the European Union single market.

EFTA/EEA would be strengthened as would its negotiating position by the United Kingdom joining it - incidentally making it the 4th largest trading block in the world. There is no issue of the United Kingdom being a friendless state here. The UK/EFTA countries would then develop and evolve their inter-Governmental alliance into the global UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission Europe) structure in a later staging post on the road to full independence.

If we vote to Leave the European Union and follow 'Flexcit: The Market Solution', this is not a leap in the dark;

Voting to Leave the European Union will not lead to a massive decline in GDP and, as the text explains, is initially cost neutral. 

Voting to Leave the European Union will not make this country less safe or more prone to terrorism

Voting to Leave the European Union will not lead to Vladimir Putin dancing around the Kremlin gardens in celebration.

There is a plan. If we follow the plan, we get a soft landing which initially, as the text frankly admits, is not all we would like. 

However, the plan gets us out of an unsatisfactory supranational state which we do not need (or in my view want) to belong to. I can't understand why Mr Cameron wants to remain when he would have more power as the leader of an independent Sovereign state outside the European Union. He might actually really have influence as an Independent Sovereign State at the top table.

There is a plan. 
There is a safe plan.
There is a realistic plan.
There is a brilliant plan.

The plan is Flexcit: The Market Solution.

Vote for an Independent Sovereign State

Vote for a place at the top table 

Vote to make the European Union redundant as far as the United Kingdom is concerned

Vote to get power repatriated to the United Kingdom

Vote for YOUR power and for the future power of your children and grandchildren

Vote to Leave the European Union

Monday, 2 May 2016

A Ghastly Prime Minister

It is really annoying that the Remain campaigners have in general such a totally negative  and pessimistic view of their own country. They seem to have no confidence at all in the people and spirit of its people.

The worst offender recently by far is the former Prime Minister John Major. In his latest intervention he says, according to the BBC, that if people want 'undiluted sovereignty' they should 'go to North Korea'.

"Let's deal with that point of Sovereignty; this country is sovereign, we can vote to repeal the accession act of the European Union at any time. that is Sovereignty in its purest form. If you want undiluted sovereignty in the modern age when everybody is interconnected then go to North Korea because that's where you'll get it. It is certainly true that we SHARE sovereignty; we take some sovereignty from other people, we share some of ours. We haven't surrendered it because at the end of the day the House of Commons, our representatives can say 'we won't have this, we will leave the European Union'; but in the modern world, the modern world of interconnectivity, the modern world of the economy that now exists, you have to share sovereignty or you find yourself isolated and weaker; and our prime concern must surely be the economic well being of our country and the political and diplomatic clout that our country has and both of those in my judgement are better within the European Union." (Sir John Major) (Share is emphasised in the recording)

'This Country is Sovereign..we can vote to repeal the accession act'. There is no majority in either the House of Commons or the House of Lords to repeal the accession act - that is WHY we are having a referendum. The referendum was promised by the liar David Cameron to stop UKIP but the referendum is being held partially because the politicians and the people do not agree. 

'Everybody is interconnected' - yes in a Global village where the United Kingdom is not an independent nation but has a 28th representation via the regional supranational German dominated European Union.

'We take some sovereignty from other people, we share some of ours'. In short we are outvoted by QMV (Qualified Majority Voting) and have to act maybe against our best interests because that is what 15 other states want? If this country did what France and others do and ignore those bits of directives we don't like it might not be so bad but we don't. Typically obeying all the rules, we 'Gold Plate' directives and in effect do more than the minimum required. We don't share sovereignty at all; the politicians have given it away.

'The House of Commons, our representatives' - but the very point is that they DON'T represent us (me, you or anyone else); they represent THEMSELVES and their shoddy careers. If the House of Commons represented the people, the Maastricht treaty would never have been passed (and John Major knows it), the Lisbon treaty would never have been passed and we would have had David Cameron's 'cast iron' referendum by now. 

'You have to share sovereignty or find yourself isolated and weaker' - this is simply false. If we were once again an Independent Sovereign Nation at the top table in our own right stating unequivocally the views of the British electorate that would be stronger not weaker. We are weaker NOW in the European Union precisely because our view is watered down or diluted to a 28th of what it should be.

'The political and economic clout that our country has' - our civil service has a reputation of being Rolls Royce diplomacy. The political and economic clout would be enhanced by our leaving. A new invigorated diplomatic renaissance of our 'clout' would follow because we would have to argue our corner confidently, assertively and independently of a 'pooled' or consensus view.

Sir John Major is an idiot. He was the one that persuaded Margaret Thatcher to enter the Exchange Rate Mechanism against her instincts (she was in a minority in her own cabinet). He took us in at too high a rate and tried to keep us in against the interests of our economy. He should have resigned his office when we had to leave the ERM on 16th September 1992. Anyone who thinks that John Major speaks accurately or should have any right to intervene at all should view this film:

"He was a ghastly Prime Minister; more people deserted our party and we have never recovered, we have never recovered and look, look what that bloody man did to us in the last election: TOTAL, Total, complete and utter defeat." (Sir Denis Thatcher) (The last election he was referring to was the 1997 election)

Ignore this ghastly and dishonourable man.

The people need to and should reclaim their power from the politicians and the bureaucracy. Once we have done so of course we can and will negotiate trade deals with the other nations inter-governmentally. 

Vote for your power back

Vote for your country back

Vote for a bright future where a newly invigorated self confident United Kingdom truly represents YOU and not some dead idea

Vote to Leave the European Union