Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Believe in YOUR power - Vote to Leave the European Union

I knew that David Cameron was in favour of remaining in the European Union. In my naivety I thought he would allow a fair fight. What has horrified me is that nothing could be further from the truth.

David Cameron is throwing every lever of State; the Civil Service, the bureaucracy at the remain campaign. He is even sidelining members of his own cabinet who disagree with his stance. Not only that but European Union leaders and even the president of the United States are being called in aid to help in the Remain cause. David Cameron IS the remain campaign - or at least its co-ordinator and propagandist in chief.

I am not sure all the apocalyptic warnings are doing the Remain campaign much good. All these horrors are forecasts, suggestions, 'war games' if you like. I have yet to hear one positive statement for the remain campaign. Why do they insist that the United Kingdom cannot go it alone on the one hand and yet state that it will bring down the European edifice if it votes to Leave on the other? These statements cannot both be true.

In reality this is a struggle for the soul and future direction of the Conservative Party. Matthew Parris in the Times is reported as saying as much:


"And horror at what this would mean for the party I’ve supported all my adult life. June 23 will define the Conservative party for a generation. We moderate Tories are staring down the barrel of a gun: the strong chance of a crushing triumph for the Tory right."

This is not or should not be about the Conservative party. It is about the Governance of the United Kingdom. If 'the left' want to be timorous europhiles and be ruled by a Greater Germany that is up to them. It is not for me. We must wrest control back and govern ourselves again.

Then we have the International Monetary Fund (IMF) whose head, Christine Lagarde is to face charges over her role in 'handing over £293 million to a French Businessman' 


not sure I would rely on her to be the best person to give financial advice to the United Kingdom.

Next we have Gideon Oliver Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Without wishing to be unkind, he has hardly been a shining beacon of Financial Management has he? The date that the Government gives for spending less than it receives in revenues has slipped more than once.

If the United Kingdom left the European Union and joined up with the EEA/EFTA states that would be the fourth biggest trading bloc in the world. Where is the leap of faith there?

In the 'Daily Mail' today Richard Littlejohn says that he would rather live under a Labour Government than vote to remain in the European Union:


As an aside, if the vote is to Leave then the Conservative Government will not have a bonfire of workers rights partially because it will be too weakened to do so.

This is the chance for the Electorate to regain power back from the politicians and the political class.

The United Kingdom should be and needs to be an Independent Sovereign State again. It is that simple. I predict that a vote to Leave will have a negligible effect on sentiment as we have two years under Article 50 to negotiate an exit AND there is a soft landing in 'Flexcit' (The Market Solution).

Vote to regain your power

Vote to show Cameron and Osborne that you are not taken in by their lies

Vote for The Market Solution (Flexcit)

Vote to Leave the European Union.

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