Tuesday, 5 April 2016

David Cameron has LIED

One of the most shocking things about this referendum is that the Prime Minister has lied to the House of Commons (something that once would have been a resignation issue) and then has lied and continues to lie and to mislead the electorate - the people who have loaned him power and which he is so sadly misusing. 

This lie has not been called out by Jeremy Corbyn or by any member of the Labour Party, Liberal Democratic Party, Scottish Nationalist Party, Plaid Cymru, Democratic Unionist or Sinn Fein let alone any member of the Conservative party so far as I am aware. Nor has the legacy media been trumpeting the lie either. This may well be because all of them want to remain in the European Union and calling the lie would help the Leave cause but of course that is purely a guess.

The true 'Heir to Blair', David Cameron has said that the deal that he brought back was legally sound when it is not. Some of the changes are dependant on future treaty revisions which President Hollande of France for example says is not necessary and of which there is no sign on the horizon.

Whatever the Conservative 'Government' of the United Kingdom - which is really a local council answerable to the European Union - does, it has to pass by the European Union first and is constrained in what it does in almost every field by its membership of the European Union.

My fear about the possibility of the remain vote winning is that the United Kingdom will be increasingly marginalised by its 'partners' in the European Union. I fear that the United Kingdom will be outvoted by Qualified Majority Voting in matters that are vital to its National Interest and that it will have to act against its interest - why should or would we tolerate that?

"In June, we can choose economic security, not an unnecessary leap in the dark. We can choose to be stronger, safer and better off." David Cameron

The dodgy deal that David Cameron has brought back requires a leap of faith in the good intentions of the other member states of the European Union. I mean do you really trust France or Bulgaria or Greece to rise to the promises made to Mr Cameron? What about the European Court of Justice - can we rely on their good offices to interpret the dodgy deal in the way that Mr Cameron intends?

A vote to Leave is not a leap in the dark. It is a logical thing to do to take us out of a supranational organisation which is pushing 'ever closer union' which in my opinion will end in tears (and possibly riots). 

A vote to Leave is the FIRST step (this cannot be repeated often enough) toward full independence. The day after a vote to leave will be the start of a road. We might leave the European Union in 3 years with a 'soft landing' to EFTA/EEA but it might take 10 years to reach full independence and why not - it has taken 43 years to get to where we are now.

We can choose to be stronger, safer and better off by Leaving the European Union.

Vote so that the people have power. Reclaim power back from the bureaucrats and the liars. 

Vote to live once again in an independent Sovereign United Kingdom that will once again be able to act in the interests of its people and not in the interests of millions of unknown people on the continent.

Do not fall for David Cameron's lies

Vote to Leave the European Union

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