Sunday, 22 November 2015

A European Passport

The last blog was about the government of a nation which is what the European Union has become. As well as having a flag (the 'ring of stars') and an anthem ('Ode to Joy' from Beethoven's 9th symphony) the European Union has a passport - a EUROPEAN passport. 

There is no such thing as a British Passport. As I look at my passport now, the first words on the cover are 'European Union'. The passport office in the United Kingdom issues passports on behalf of the EU.  EU passports have common features such as their burgundy cover giving them a uniform look for the whole union (nation).  

When you and I return from our holiday, we do not join the queue for 'British Passport Holders' (that would be illegal under European Union law) but a queue for 'EU passport holders' with the Irish, French, Germans etc who, like us, are citizens of the EU.

This helps to build the nation that the European Union wants. The EU wants us to have loyalty to this nation. We must all carry EU passports which helps promote 'ever-closer' integration and start to build a 'common European' identity. The fact is that we seem to return again and again to ever-closer union which is what the European Union is about.

The United Kingdom as a nation is being absorbed as a state into the European Union. Every Government since 1970 has assisted this process - step by small step ('salami' style). Generally people have not protested because, after all, you can still travel. In addition to this I do not believe that they have realised the significance of the small steps.

The significance is huge. The United Kingdom is gradually ceasing to exist as it breaks into regions and decisions about its policies are not being taken in London SW1A but in Brussels.

It maybe just a passport but what it represents is altogether different. It represents the fact that our allegiance is being pointed not to the United Kingdom but to the European Union. 

I have no allegiance to the European Union. My country is not the European Union. My country is the United Kingdom.

Vote to leave the European Union.

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