Sunday, 8 November 2015

A Personal View - Remembrance

More than 72,000 people are remembered on the above memorial at Thiepval.

I am going to try not to insult others in my blog. I disagree with those who are passionate about the EU and who sometimes say that leaving the EU will lead to plagues of locusts and other imaginary disasters. 

I will call people liars when the need arises but their personal foibles or mode of dress does not concern me. Nor does the possibility that they may have grey hair or none at all. 

That said I do not doubt their sincerity nor their patriotism. They misguidedly believe that their position is correct.

On this remembrance Sunday, therefore, I am absolutely appalled with Leave.EU and today's post by them. I will not link to it and disassociate myself from it entirely. 

Every Government since at least 1970 has passed European legislation. There has also been every opportunity to elect someone else. I sincerely hope that in the forthcoming EU referendum the 'Leave' choice will be democratically endorsed.

Those who joined the forces either voluntarily or by conscription were sent to serve by the United Kingdom Government in these islands or overseas. Many died in the service of the Nation. They did and do what I could not and would not do.  

I commemorate those who died because they died in the service of the country they served. They should be remembered for that fact alone.

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  1. In 1996 I was at the Thiepval Memorial on July1st for the 80th anniversary of the start of the Battle of The Somme. I was once privileged to talk at length with an old farmer who had fought there. I often make a mental link between their struggle for their country and our struggle now to get it back from the political weasels who have given away since 1945. Particularly on this date.