Thursday, 26 November 2015

Syrian thoughts

I decided this blog would be about the European Union and why I believe that we should vote to leave. There are other subjects that I am interested in but that would, in my view, dilute what this blog is about and so I must impose some self discipline.

On the subject of Syria, there are some issues that I believe may impinge on the European Union and that is the reason for this particular post. 

France has said it will breach the stability and growth pact in its National interest (Government deficit 3% of GDP and Debt 60% of GDP) and so in some cases National Interest trumps the European ideal (Philip Hammond please take note). France has great geopolitical interest in Syria. 

I personally wonder about the statement that "We shouldn't be content with outsourcing our security to our allies" (David Cameron - 26/11/2015). Isn't our security safe in our hands by NOT taking part in military action?

Would the United Kingdom taking military action in Syria exacerbate the movement of refugees and irregular migrants from Syria and other Middle Eastern states to Lesbos and Malta? If it would is this, in itself, a desirable outcome? 

Maybe taking military action will make the European Union a less safe place if, by our action, more young African and Middle Eastern men escape from the the bombing in their nations and migrate to the European Union. These individuals would then be able to move throughout the European Union (fences and temporary suspension of the Schengen area having been overcome). I have read of tensions in Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Greece, Malta, Hungary and Poland

If we leave the European Union, we will once again become an Independent Sovereign Nation and not be instructed by fax from Brussels or Berlin or Paris about what to do. We could even start to renegotiate some of the conventions in this area such as the 1951 convention on Refugees. We can act in our selfish National interest.

Vote to leave the European Union 


  1. I agree, but, according to Richard North, this will take us years. People will only vote to leave if they believe we will see clear changes quickly. I want us to become an independent nation within months, but I understand we will have to continue to allow "free movement" in order to join EFTA.

  2. It took me a while to get there but it is unrealistic to believe that we can undo nearly 45 years of policy and law in one leap. We have to do this in stages. The first stage is to reassure people that we can stay in the single market whilst being outside the EU - the EFTA/EEA/Norway option. All European law would be repatriated whilst MP's earned their money properly analysing what we need and don't. Meanwhile GLOBAL regulation/conventions (like the convention on refugees) need to be dealt with selfishly by an Independent Sovereign State which we can only become by voting to leave.