Wednesday, 9 December 2015

A Fundamental law of the European Union

Associate Membership was flagged some time ago by 'A fundamental law of the European Union' published by The Spinelli Group which appeared on the Spinelli Group website on 4th October 2013. 

This is offered as a 'major contribution to the debate on the future of Europe'.

Its 'Headline proposals' (

1.   'Ever Closer Union' defined as federal union of states and citizens deriving legitimacy from popular sovereignty. 
2.   Constitutions of EU Staes must respect EU values
3.   Commission becomes the EU Government, appointed by and answerable to the legislature of Council and Parliament 
4.   Limited right of legislative initiative to Council and Parliament
5.   European Council redefined as the lead formation of the Council of Ministers
6.   Rotating Council presidency abolished: Each formation elects its own chair
7.   Commission becomes smaller, nominated by its President
8.   Certain number of MEP's elected in pan-EU constituency on transnational lists
9.   Wide extension of ordinary legislative procedure
10. Widen jurisdiction of Court of Justice
11. Easier access for citizens to Court of Justice
12. Ending rigid unanimity for future treaty change and entry into force
13. Ending opt-outs in Justice and Home Affairs
14. Creation of an Associate Membership
15. EU tax revenue to finance EU spending
16. Additional Budget for the Eurozone
17. Common economic policy focussed on sustainable growth
18. Fiscal solidarity to complement fiscal discipline
19. New powers for European Parliament in economic and employment policy
20. National Parliaments get a say in excessive deficit procedure
21. Wider powers for European Central Bank
22. Permit sharing of Sovereign debt under strict conditionality
23. Lifting prohibition on approximation of national laws
24. Modernisation of common policies
25. Right of assent for Parliament on all international agreements

There are some real issues of concern in the above list. I will return to this in later posts.

In this post however, I will assert that most of the above list is not acceptable. Number 12 for example implies the wider use of Quality Majority Voting (QMV) where the Franco-German axis can force perhaps unwilling states to do what it wants to accelerate ever closer union. 

The United Kingdom must leave the European Union

Vote to Leave the European Union

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