Wednesday, 23 December 2015

William Hague - going native and following the Party line

William Hague (The Right Honourable Lord Hague of Richmond FRSL) is reported in the press to have said that leaving the European Union could lead to the break up of the United Kingdom

This statement is straight out of the 'Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt' (FUD) book.

The European Union, as far as Brussels is concerned, is divided into a Europe of the Regions. Scotland, the North, the East etc. are all regions of the European Union. Therefore it could be argued that part of the reason for a 'regional' base is to undermine that Nation State. The United Kingdom as a Nation is being undermined by this regional development and devolvement. 

The 'Northern Powerhouse' is not some Conservative initiative - it is part of the drive to divide the United Kingdom into the regions that the European Union has created.

The break up of the United Kingdom is already happening and so leaving the European Union will not necessarily lead to the break up of the United Kingdom any faster or at all.

The devolving of decision making to the Scottish Parliament and Welsh assembly assists and may have accelerated the process but it is happening already.

What is so dispiriting about Mr Hague's intervention is how he has decided to tow the Conservative Party line - this was the man who in 2001 was reported to have said "A Labour victory on June 7 could spell the end of parliamentary democracy as Britain knows it." 

Well a vote to remain in the European Union will mean exactly that Mr Hague. The United Kingdom has nothing to fear from leaving the European Union. Under FlexCit, the plan mainly written by Richard North, the United Kingdom's relationship with the European Union would essentially be the same on day 1 after we leave the European Union. It would take some time to unpick the existing relationship into something different and what we want the United Kingdom to be.

However, having got the vote to leave and invoked Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty we would then be negotiating as an independent Sovereign state, at the top table, with our own independent vote (not a 28th of a vote) and not ruled by Fax from anywhere.

The world is moving to Global Governance from the UN, Basel and other non European Union bodies. In order to take advantage of the opportunities these offer, we must, once again be an Independent Sovereign State. We have nothing to fear from leaving the European Union Mr Hague.

Vote to Leave the European Union

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