Sunday, 20 December 2015

Other Bloggers and Thanks

When I started this blog I was determined to credit others for their blogs or opinions. One of these is Peter Hitchens of 'The Mail on Sunday'. You may not always agree with what he says but he can certainly make a good argument.

His blog today contains the following article:

"It is now quite plain that David Cameron neither expected nor wanted to win an overall majority at the General Election. He promised the EU referendum in the belief and hope that he would never have to redeem his pledge.

He has no idea what to do. The concessions he claims he will win aren’t available, and he wouldn’t want them if he could get them, as he’s rather keen on having the country run by foreigners.
Remember the wild haste with which he rushed us back into the European Arrest Warrant, a gross interference with our laws and freedom?
I bet he gulped, rather than whooped, when news was brought to him that he was going to have a majority big enough to allow (or rather force) him to do as he had said he would. He’s still hoping nobody has read the wild Election manifesto he issued, when he was sublimely confident that he would be heading another coalition.
His never-ending journey round European capitals, in search of an unattainable deal, is the most desperate quest since The Lord Of The Rings.
And he is not going to be rescued by any wizards, elves, walking forests, giant eagles or ghost armies.
Only one thing will save him, the ghastly flitting grey shapes of the politically undead, John Major, Michael Heseltine and the rest of the Europhile Black Riders, screeching and wailing (quite untruly) that Britain cannot survive outside the EU.
As long as he can persuade the Blair creature to stay silent, such a campaign of fear may just work. Millions of British people have never lived in an independent country and are scared of trying to do so, like infants who have never ridden a bicycle without stabilisers.
And when they are not scared, they are bored by the subject, or put off it by the blazer-and-cravat bangers-on, who can speak of nothing else.
It’s a pity really, that it should come to this, that a country created by repeated episodes of dangerous valour and solitary endeavour should come to an end because its voters are frightened of letting go of Nurse Angela Merkel, or think they can’t manage on their own in the world without Jean-Claude Juncker to wipe their noses for them. But, after the failure of Mr Cameron’s latest scrabble for unavailable concessions, I suspect that’s the way it will go.
Fear conquers all."
Before taking a break I want to acknowledge that this blog started because of and was inspired by Richard North. His blog is simply indispensable to anyone who wants to learn anything about the European Union.
I am also extremely grateful personally to 'A Boiling Frog' who was kind enough to make suggestions to and give critical feedback on my posts. Any errors remain mine and I restate my promise to correct any that are pointed out to me and to acknowledge them.
Lastly, I want to thank those who have read and who read my posts. It is very satisfying that people read my output. I hope that they give pause for thought.
I wish you all a very Happy Christmas.

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