Monday, 14 March 2016

Foreign Interventions

It is reported that President Obama of the United States of America is to visit this country in the next few weeks and is to urge the United Kingdom to remain in the European Union. Boris Johnson has said that President Obama is hypocritical:

Meanwhile Philip Hammond MP, the Foreign Secretary,  wants to hear foreign leaders views in the European Union debate.

Turning to the last statement first, WHY does Mr Hammond want to hear foreign leaders' views? Doesn't the remain side in the United Kingdom have enough arguments of its own without calling in aid foreign leaders views? Incidentally the remain side have not made any positive arguments of their own as far as I can see - it is all fear and uncertainty if we leave. 

There is NO Fear and No Uncertainty if we Leave. If we vote to leave we adopt Flexcit (The Market Solution) an off-the-shelf gradual path to complete independence written by Richard North and others. 

Now to the United States. Of course the United States will state what it thinks in its own self interested geopolitical view is the right decision for the United States. Why wouldn't it? That does not mean that it is the right geopolitical view or position of the people of the United Kingdom i.e. the electorate. 

If what has been reported as being said by President Obama and Hillary Clinton amongst others about the United Kingdom, its leader and its political class generally is true, there does not seem to be much of a 'special relationship' left to preserve. 

However, this is not a decision that is in the gift of the United States. How the people of the United Kingdom vote is none of the business of the United States. This is a vote of the electors of the United Kingdom. It is our vote.

How the people of the United Kingdom are governed is a decision for us, the United Kingdom elector. 

This referendum is about who governs the United Kingdom. Either a supranational German dominated European Union and a path to Economic and Monetary Union, the Euro, being outvoted 90% of the time and having to accept and enact decisions received by fax from Brussels. This is the Remain Choice 


Reclaim our politics, tell our Government that power lies with the people and is merely on loan to them; become once again a vibrant, independent, Sovereign state with a FULL voice (not a 28th of a voice) - a FULL voice at the top Global table (the UN, UNECE, BASEL) where the electors of the United Kingdom call the shots - the Leave opportunity.

Do you want to be a servant of Brussels? Do you want to be a 28th part of a German dominated European Union?

If not, ignore the views of foreign leaders. Ignore the President of the United States.

Vote to Leave the European Union

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