Tuesday, 15 March 2016


The Leave Alliance launches tomorrow 16th March 2016

"To mount an independent counter-mainstream EU referendum campaign"


This post is unique in asking readers of this blog to give what they can afford to 'The Leave Alliance". You see all these adverts for 'just £3 a month' to various good causes. Please give this to the Leave Alliance but, as they need the money urgently, please give the monthly contribution in advance.

Please, if you can afford it, send 'a tenner' (£10) to the Leave Alliance. 

If anyone deserves the honours for FlexCit (The Market Solution) then it is Dr Richard North. Much of the work is his with contributions from readers of his blog http://www.eureferendum.com/Default.aspx.

His blogs and incites are unrivalled and just a unique source of reference to those opposed to membership of the European Union. His book, 'The Great Deception', with Christopher Booker is simply a must read.

If the Leave campaign wins on 23rd June 2016, then much of the credit should go to Dr North. He is not interviewed on the television partially because, in my opinion, he is not of the SW1A 'bubble' nor is he a 'luvvy'. He may be ignored because he is perceived to be a threat to the bureaucratic 'elite'. More strength to him.

This is THE most important vote since 1975. 

The Leave Alliance needs about £50,000 to mount an effective blog and campaign. It is registered with the Electoral Commission. This blogger has sent what they can afford - please will you?

Leave the European Union MUST win. This is about nothing less than the governance of the United Kingdom.

Support the Leave Alliance

Vote to Leave the European Union.

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