Sunday, 13 March 2016

Political Meanderings


Nicola Sturgeon, the leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) will 'undertake a fresh drive for Scottish Independence'

and is also reported to have said that if the United Kingdom votes to leave the European Union then that would almost inevitably lead to another referendum in Scotland for Independence.

Now Ms Sturgeon and her predecessor Alex Salmond are canny operators. Whatever you think of them personally they certainly seem to have obtained the engagement of the Scottish electorate in politics. I am sure Nicola Sturgeon is sincere in wanting an Independent Scotland. Whether Scotland would be truly independent as a separate nation in the European Union is another issue.

I am curious about Ms Sturgeon's position. I think that Ms Sturgeon would be a more powerful leader of an Independent Scotland OUTSIDE the European Union. Personally, I think Scottish Independence is inevitable sooner rather than later anyway. If Nicola Sturgeon wants Scottish Independence sooner rather than later, she would urge her constituency to vote to Leave the European Union since that would lead to a second referendum quicker. The question is why wouldn't she want a Leave vote.

Dave's Dodgy Deal

Dave's dodgy deal is dependent on future Treaty change which President Hollande of France says is not required and is therefore not on any horizon. The deal is worthless on that score alone. However, we are told that the deal was between the 28 heads of Government and the deal is valid for that reason. Since Dave came home with his worthless, legally invalid deal which requires future treaty change that won't happen, there has been a General Election in Southern Ireland. Enda Kenny failed to secure another term in that election and, according to 'The Guardian', the Irish Parliament (the Dail) failed to elect a new Prime Minister and Government.

No Government can bind its successor. Since there is no Irish head of Government and Mr Kenny is not now the taoiseach, does that mean the deal has fallen apart before the referendum in the United Kingdom has even been held? Any International Law experts reading this who could enlighten me I would be grateful.

The Conservative Party

The one thing that this referendum should NOT be about is the Conservative party. We already know that David Cameron has absolute contempt for his core base, the members of the Conservative party. Today, 13th March 2016, in the Mail, David Laws, a former coalition government minister, has less than flattering things to say about Mr Cameron's views on his colleagues: 'Gove is nuts, Boris is after my job'

This campaign is fast becoming a run for the leadership of the Conservative Party. It is clear that Boris does indeed want to become leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister. (Heaven forfend)

One of the good things in this referendum is the sight of the treacherous Conservative party tearing itself apart - it couldn't happen to a nicer organisation!

In my view David Cameron is finished as Prime Minister whatever the result of the vote. If the Remain side wins and it becomes evident that they won on a lie then I believe that Conservative Associations (before they are neutered altogether) will pressurise their constituency members to oust Mr Cameron. 

If the Leave side wins then I believe Mr Cameron's exit will be even quicker. Lord Tebbit has suggested that Mr Cameron cannot remain if the Leave side succeeds.

This referendum is NOT about who leads the Conservative Party. It is about Governance of this Country. As Peter Hitchens asks in his blog on Sunday 13th March 2016, the question is:

Do you want to be a servant of Brussels?

If the answer is NO (as I hope it will be) then

Vote to Leave the European Union

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