Saturday, 11 June 2016

LEAVE and secure the future of YOUR country

It now looks like the referendum campaign is going to turn nasty. It is reported that the Remain camp are going to make this personal with attacks on Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson:

As an aside I have no idea how the Conservative Party will reunite after the civil war that this has become and in many ways I hope it doesn't. It deserves to be penalised or to split because of its behaviour in the last few weeks.

This referendum is NOT about the Conservative Party or about Alexander Johnson or David Cameron. This referendum is about WHO governs the United Kingdom and who has power. 

It seems to me that the stock market and the money markets are already factoring in the possibility of a Leave vote. It is true that some stocks are down on six months ago but I honestly believe that they will bounce back after the referendum.

The 'deal' Mr Cameron brought back is being undermined by those very leaders who agreed it with him. It is not legally watertight and some of it is dependant on future treaty change which is not on any horizon and will not be before the French and German elections in 2017.

I also do not accept that Herr Schauble can dictate for the other 26 States what they will accept and agree to and what they won't. If we opt for the EFTA/EEA option and that is the agreement then we still have access to the single market despite an old German man's view. 

The important thing is that we will be outside the POLITICAL construct of the European Union. 

It is being mooted that maybe Denmark and Sweden might follow the United Kingdom in leaving the European Union and joining EFTA/EEA perhaps creating a 'Northern European Inter-Governmental Organisation' 
David Cameron has LIED about the deal and he knows it. He has led a disgracefully negative campaign and has suggested all sorts of horrors will befall the United Kingdom in the event of a Leave vote which I do not think the majority of the electorate believes.

In some ways I think that the European Union will welcome a Leave vote. They will turn it into a 'beneficial crisis' and hasten full Economic and Political Union in the Eurozone, get rid of Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty so no other state can leave and generally tighten the Franco-German grip on the supra-national state.

The most important thing is POWER and who has it. In a regional supra-national state the United Kingdom does not have power. 

The United Kingdom has been outvoted more than any other European Union state. The views of the electorate or even of its politicians are sidelined by Qualified Majority Voting (QMV). This will only get worse. Whatever the 'weight' of our vote now, it will inevitably be diluted when more states join.

This referendum is about POWER and WHO has it.

Vote to repatriate power from a bureaucratic supra national regional power.

Vote for the next generation and future generations to live in an Independent Sovereign State that has power and influence at the Top Table.

Vote so that United Kingdom politicians are answerable to the electorate of the United Kingdom and not to bureaucrats in Brussels

Vote to secure the future of your country

Vote to take the United Kingdom out of the POLITICAL construct of the European Union

Vote for a POSITIVE alternative

Vote to Leave the European Union

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