Saturday, 9 January 2016

The Positive Case for Leaving

For far too long, we have been told that leaving the European Union will present nothing but negatives. Jobs, Trade, Influence will all be lost if the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. Nick Clegg, Michael Heseltine, Kenneth Clarke and David Cameron are the lead singers in this chorus. 

Here's the thing. The European Union is a political construct. It is about 'ever closer union' - this is what "Common" policies are about - Common Fisheries Policy, Common Agricultural Policy etc. In addition, in 'A Fundamental Law', the term 'Nation' is craftily changed to 'State' which, in my view, signals something less than a Nation.

The case for leaving is a POSITIVE one. When we leave, the United Kingdom will leave an organisation to which it is subservient and once again become an Independent Sovereign Nation. Instead of having a 28th of a voice, we would be able to state a case that is in the National Interest of its citizens. Whatever the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt chorus might say, Norway does have a seat at the top table and, after leaving the European Union, so will the United Kingdom.

"The Market Solution" ( a strategy for leaving and moving along stages to the kind of Nation we want. The Market Solution is a multi-stage process and the first step - leaving the European Union - is a stepping stone "to allow for an expeditious exit within the two year Article 50 period".

There is no way around this. If you do not want to be in a country that is subservient to the Qualified Majority Vote of other Nations (who may not have this Nations' interests in the forefront of their minds); If you want to take the positive view that you want to be an Independent Sovereign State with a voice (and seat) at the top table that will be able to influence Global policy initiated by UNECE, Basel, the United Nations, WTO etc. then:

Vote to Leave the European Union

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