Sunday, 10 January 2016

Amber Rudd talks Rubbish

Amber Rudd, the Energy Secretary, has now joined the chorus of FUD and fibbers. According to the Daily Telegraph she has said that leaving the European Union will have 'unknown consequences for Britain's energy security' and that 'Britain would lose its influence on European energy markets if it leaves the bloc in the upcoming referendum' and that “[If you are outside of the EU] then you’re not in the room making the decisions in the same way and we’re not one of 27 influencers."

This is excrement. Firstly Ms Rudd, is it not the case that the United Kingdom has closed down perfectly good power stations thanks to European Directives? Is it not the case that 'Britain's energy security' is threatened by lamentable Government policy? Is it not the case that we are having to rely on China (which is not in the European Union) to rescue us from years of Government inaction, dithering and incompetence? Is it not the case that Britain has lost its influence on European energy markets already because it is represented by Brussels and has only a 28th of a voice?

Is it not the case that thanks to the Climate Change Act, piloted through the House of Commons by one Ed Miliband, that energy bills are much higher than they would otherwise be in order to try to reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions? Is it not the case that, in the event of 'spikes' in demand that there are diesel generators all around the country ready to be started which are far greater polluters than Didcot would ever be?

When the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, it will once again be an Independent Sovereign State with an Independent SINGLE voice and vote at the 'top table' where it really will be able to influence World (and thus European) energy markets.

On day one after we declare our intention to leave under Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty nothing much will change except that we will be on the first step of a pathway mapped out in "The Market Solution". 

Amber Rudd is at best being disingenuous and at worst telling a straightforward falsehood.

The only way that Britain can influence European energy markets is by leaving the European Union. 

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Thanks to Jim for pointing out my error in my original post which I have removed. I apologise for my mistake.

“[If you are outside of the EU] then you’re not in the room making the decisions in the same way and we’re not one of 27 influencers."

Indeed: Instead we will be an Independent Sovereign State at the Top table with our own Independent Sovereign voice representing the United Kingdom and no one else

Vote to Leave the European Union 


  1. To play devils advocate, and whilst I do agree that Amber Rudd's claims are indeed excrement, I think the "we are not one of 27 influencers" is referring to the EU post Brexit. She is painting a picture where she has firstly removed the UK from the 28 leaving 27 "influencers" and the UK out on it own in.

  2. 'We're not one of 27 influencers' I took to be ignorance but, if your take is correct I have misjudged the lady.

  3. That was the only way I could read it, its the statement saying there are 27 "influencers" and the UK is not one of them

  4. I don't mean to harp on about it so much, but that is the sort of answer you will get back from those wanting to keep us in the EU as well. Picking up on the small matters of your address to her article, and ignoring the major points about the climate change act, sovereignty and ability to attend the top tables.

  5. Thank you: I have removed the offending bit and put in a correction. I want to be as accurate and I absolutely accept that the 'retainers' will pick up on the small mistake and ignore the thrust so thank you again

  6. Happy to help, and thanks for the mention. Together if we all keep each other straight, I think we can win this referendum. And Indeed you and your blog are a vital part of that process. Well done.