Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Stepping Stones

The United Kingdom has been a member of the European Union since 1st January 1973 - 43 years ago. On joining we took on the existing Acquis Communitaire (the body of law) and since then we have adopted many new laws. 

I think it is unrealistic to expect that the United Kingdom can just leave the European Union and on day one revoke all the laws and treaties it has signed up to. Apart from leading to Chaos, the electorate will not vote to leave the European Union if the result is uncertainty, an inability to trade or financial meltdown.

We have to leave in an organised and logical way which preserves our markets, our currency and our economy. In a way that minimises the risks to employment and to the livelihood of the population.

The Market Solution is a blueprint for how the United Kingdom can leave the European Union in a structured way, with minimal risk. It sets a pathway to an endgame where the United Kingdom can once again be a Strong Independent Sovereign Nation State. The Market Solution is a multi-stage process and the first step is an interim one - a stepping stone - to allow for an expeditious exit within the two year Article 50 period.

If you have not seen it I urge you to look at 'The Market Solution' principally written by Richard North and the contributors to EUReferendum ( In my view Dr North is owed a huge debt by people like me who want to leave the European Union. His books and articles on the European Union are not only educational but also illustrate the issues with our membership. EUReferendum is simply an indispensable resource to those who want to leave the European Union (including this blogger).

We must all accept compromises - my father once told me that politics is the art of the possible. It is not politically possible to walk away from the single market on day one after our decision to leave. The Westminster 'bubble' (Press, Pundits, Economists and Politicians) will have to accept that until they can be repatriated and renegotiated in our own National Interest that things like the Common Agricultural Policy and Freedom of Movement of people will have to remain in the medium term but TEMPORARILY.

If those who want to leave the European Union can show the mainly risk averse electorate that leaving the European Union can be done with minimal risks and that the stepping stones to a different destination are clearly laid out (as they are in 'The Market Solution') then I believe they will vote to leave.

Let us show the 'Remain' side that there is a logical alternative and that leaving the European Union is not Fear Uncertainty and Doubt but rather Strength, Independence and The Top Table. Let's adopt the plan. Let's win.

Vote to Leave the European Union

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