Saturday, 23 January 2016

Leaving the European Union is POSITIVE

What is quite striking is the negativity of the remain camp. They generally try to strike fear of leaving the European Union as a reason for staying. This is part of what Richard North, amongst others, calls Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. (FUD)

Thus in "Europe & You", it is stated that leaving the European Union will lead to the loss of 3 million jobs. The first question to this statement is: Is this statement true? Nicholas Clegg amongst others say that it is but the fact that they say it is so does not make it so.

Manuel Valls, the Prime Minister of France has said that the European Union "project could die quickly" whilst Wolfgang Schauble says it would be a 'disaster otherwise' if the United Kingdom voted to Leave. Are these reasons to remain? Is the fact that the project will 'die quickly' if we leave a reason not to leave?

What they don't do is state what are the positives of remaining. It seems probable that the offer will be Associate Membership.

We live in a country where our Supreme Court is not supreme since it is subservient to the European Court of Justice.

We live in a country where our Sovereign Parliament is not Sovereign where it receives directives 'via Fax' and rubber stamps them.

I thank 'Mr Brexit' for the following:

"Daniel Hannan and Vote Leave are continuing to take people for fools. Associate Membership is not some privileged position outside the EU. A two tier property is still a single building. Membership is membership. Britain would remain part of the EU second tier, remain bound by the ECJ, continue to receive and implement directives from Brussels.

The only difference is that the full members will take decisions and further integrate to service their place as Euro currency users. Associate Membership only exists as a concept to enable this deeper integration while keeping non Eurozone countries under Brussels control. So what Hannan is doing is trying to position continued EU membership as something other than that. He is being completely disingenuous.

He is being a loyal director of Vote Leave (since 22 Dec 2015). That group has always wanted a reform deal of the type they always demanded in their guise as Business for Britain. They never call for or endorse Brexit because they want to remain in a 'reformed' EU, and everything they do is geared to achieving that outcome. Even Dominic Cummings' notion of a second referendum only exists to reverse a vote to leave after further EU talks and some more crumbs from the table.

If you want genuine Brexit, Hannan and Vote Leave are not on your side."

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

If we leave the European Union, we restore the Sovereignty of Parliament, we restore the Supremacy of the Supreme court and the judiciary. Parliamentarians will actually earn their salary debating and enacting laws in the interests of the United Kingdom.

If we leave the European Union then the United Kingdom will become an Independent Sovereign State with a Sovereign Independent voice at the top table (for example at the United Nations) and not only have a 28th of a voice as it has now.

What is to fear in that? 

There is no fear in leaving. If we leave, we will be strong, independent, Sovereign.

Vote to Leave the European Union.

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