Tuesday, 17 May 2016

A Brilliant Plan

On holiday recently, I packed as my reading matter; 'Flexcit: The Market Solution to leaving the EU' 


and I have read it. It is a simply EXCELLENT document. In 404 pages, excluding the Appendices, it lays out a path for the full independence of the United Kingdom answerable to no one but its own electorate which co-operates inter-governmentally with other sovereign states. The staging posts on this path are:

  • Withdrawal from the European Union
  • Immigration and Asylum
  • A Genuine Single Market
  • Policy Restoration
  • Global Trading
  • Domestic Reforms
The text is quite clear that there is no instant quick win or magic wand. Indeed, in one section on rebuilding our fishing policy after a Leave vote, it states that it might take ten years to get to the final base of a fully independent, sustainable, ecologically sensitive United Kingdom fishing authority.

If the 'Leave' vote succeeds on June 23rd then that is just the key to unlock a whole raft of policies and initiatives that might take until 2030 to achieve. 

In the interim, however, we would not be leaping into the dark as the text explains what the next steps should be and how our excellent bureaucratic machine could achieve them. Flexcit, the Market Solution should be mandatory reading for every single civil servant BEFORE the electorate as it is a masterclass of research - there are 1182 notes in the text for example which show the reference for statements made in it.

I would recommend reading the first 117 pages of the text before the referendum. It is fairly easy to read even though there are hundreds of abbreviations which are clarified at first mention and which are also in Appendix 1. 

In order to leave the European Union in a safe way, the Government needs to make an Article 50 (of the Lisbon Treaty) notification which gives two years to negotiate a post European Union deal. Flexcit shows how this can be achieved initially by joining EFTA/EEA in order to remain within the European Union single market.

EFTA/EEA would be strengthened as would its negotiating position by the United Kingdom joining it - incidentally making it the 4th largest trading block in the world. There is no issue of the United Kingdom being a friendless state here. The UK/EFTA countries would then develop and evolve their inter-Governmental alliance into the global UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission Europe) structure in a later staging post on the road to full independence.

If we vote to Leave the European Union and follow 'Flexcit: The Market Solution', this is not a leap in the dark;

Voting to Leave the European Union will not lead to a massive decline in GDP and, as the text explains, is initially cost neutral. 

Voting to Leave the European Union will not make this country less safe or more prone to terrorism

Voting to Leave the European Union will not lead to Vladimir Putin dancing around the Kremlin gardens in celebration.

There is a plan. If we follow the plan, we get a soft landing which initially, as the text frankly admits, is not all we would like. 

However, the plan gets us out of an unsatisfactory supranational state which we do not need (or in my view want) to belong to. I can't understand why Mr Cameron wants to remain when he would have more power as the leader of an independent Sovereign state outside the European Union. He might actually really have influence as an Independent Sovereign State at the top table.

There is a plan. 
There is a safe plan.
There is a realistic plan.
There is a brilliant plan.

The plan is Flexcit: The Market Solution.


Vote for an Independent Sovereign State

Vote for a place at the top table 

Vote to make the European Union redundant as far as the United Kingdom is concerned

Vote to get power repatriated to the United Kingdom

Vote for YOUR power and for the future power of your children and grandchildren

Vote to Leave the European Union

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