Monday, 2 May 2016

A Ghastly Prime Minister

It is really annoying that the Remain campaigners have in general such a totally negative  and pessimistic view of their own country. They seem to have no confidence at all in the people and spirit of its people.

The worst offender recently by far is the former Prime Minister John Major. In his latest intervention he says, according to the BBC, that if people want 'undiluted sovereignty' they should 'go to North Korea'.

"Let's deal with that point of Sovereignty; this country is sovereign, we can vote to repeal the accession act of the European Union at any time. that is Sovereignty in its purest form. If you want undiluted sovereignty in the modern age when everybody is interconnected then go to North Korea because that's where you'll get it. It is certainly true that we SHARE sovereignty; we take some sovereignty from other people, we share some of ours. We haven't surrendered it because at the end of the day the House of Commons, our representatives can say 'we won't have this, we will leave the European Union'; but in the modern world, the modern world of interconnectivity, the modern world of the economy that now exists, you have to share sovereignty or you find yourself isolated and weaker; and our prime concern must surely be the economic well being of our country and the political and diplomatic clout that our country has and both of those in my judgement are better within the European Union." (Sir John Major) (Share is emphasised in the recording)

'This Country is Sovereign..we can vote to repeal the accession act'. There is no majority in either the House of Commons or the House of Lords to repeal the accession act - that is WHY we are having a referendum. The referendum was promised by the liar David Cameron to stop UKIP but the referendum is being held partially because the politicians and the people do not agree. 

'Everybody is interconnected' - yes in a Global village where the United Kingdom is not an independent nation but has a 28th representation via the regional supranational German dominated European Union.

'We take some sovereignty from other people, we share some of ours'. In short we are outvoted by QMV (Qualified Majority Voting) and have to act maybe against our best interests because that is what 15 other states want? If this country did what France and others do and ignore those bits of directives we don't like it might not be so bad but we don't. Typically obeying all the rules, we 'Gold Plate' directives and in effect do more than the minimum required. We don't share sovereignty at all; the politicians have given it away.

'The House of Commons, our representatives' - but the very point is that they DON'T represent us (me, you or anyone else); they represent THEMSELVES and their shoddy careers. If the House of Commons represented the people, the Maastricht treaty would never have been passed (and John Major knows it), the Lisbon treaty would never have been passed and we would have had David Cameron's 'cast iron' referendum by now. 

'You have to share sovereignty or find yourself isolated and weaker' - this is simply false. If we were once again an Independent Sovereign Nation at the top table in our own right stating unequivocally the views of the British electorate that would be stronger not weaker. We are weaker NOW in the European Union precisely because our view is watered down or diluted to a 28th of what it should be.

'The political and economic clout that our country has' - our civil service has a reputation of being Rolls Royce diplomacy. The political and economic clout would be enhanced by our leaving. A new invigorated diplomatic renaissance of our 'clout' would follow because we would have to argue our corner confidently, assertively and independently of a 'pooled' or consensus view.

Sir John Major is an idiot. He was the one that persuaded Margaret Thatcher to enter the Exchange Rate Mechanism against her instincts (she was in a minority in her own cabinet). He took us in at too high a rate and tried to keep us in against the interests of our economy. He should have resigned his office when we had to leave the ERM on 16th September 1992. Anyone who thinks that John Major speaks accurately or should have any right to intervene at all should view this film:

"He was a ghastly Prime Minister; more people deserted our party and we have never recovered, we have never recovered and look, look what that bloody man did to us in the last election: TOTAL, Total, complete and utter defeat." (Sir Denis Thatcher) (The last election he was referring to was the 1997 election)

Ignore this ghastly and dishonourable man.

The people need to and should reclaim their power from the politicians and the bureaucracy. Once we have done so of course we can and will negotiate trade deals with the other nations inter-governmentally. 

Vote for your power back

Vote for your country back

Vote for a bright future where a newly invigorated self confident United Kingdom truly represents YOU and not some dead idea

Vote to Leave the European Union

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