Sunday, 22 May 2016

Four Weeks to go

Once again, I am shocked at some of the statements being made by the Remain campaigners. As far as I can see they have not made any positive statements about the good that in their view the European Union might do. Instead they keep making scare stories that a vote to Leave the European Union will lead to all sorts of dire consequences.

The former bosses of TESCO, Sainsbury, Marks and Spencer and B&Q say that leaving the European Union would have a devastating effect on the economy.

"It is impossible to see how there could be an exit without an impact on prices and inflation. The unintended consequences of a Leave vote and the uncertainty it would create would be a massive shock to the system."

Gideon Osborne has said that Britain will be permanently poorer if it votes to Leave the European Union whilst calling in aid Christine Lagarde of the IMF to assist him. What I would like to know is what Gideon has promised Ms Lagarde in exchange for her statements and the 'analysis' of her organisation. 

I tell you what I fear: That if the United Kingdom votes to remain in the European Union, the unintended consequences will be a massive shock to the system. I believe that the United Kingdom will come under massive pressure to join the single currency, that we will come under pressure to become more integrated members, that the United Kingdom as an Independent Sovereign State will cease to exist. That is what Ever Closer Union implies and means.

I fear that, instead of being 28, the United Kingdom might soon be in a European Union of 35 states and all that means for the dilution of any remaining influence that we might have with the number of votes that we command with Qualified Majority Voting (QMV). The other seven nations are Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania

Mind you, some of the Leave campaigners have not helped the cause. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson has caused more fog than light to be cast and has undermined what the referendum is about. 

The electorate should be angry, very angry, that this referendum has become an unedifying public Conservative Civil War. The 'Dave' versus 'Boris' show is one thing this should not be. It is far more important than the useless Conservative (Tory) Party. I would like to think that the Conservative Party would pay heavily at the ballot box for this but I doubt it.

The United Kingdom needs to be able to state its own case at the top table and is unable to do this whilst being one of 28 states in a supranational European Union. It will be even less able to do if it is one of 35 states.

In his blog today, Richard North says:

"This brings us to the key issue. The obsession of the "leave" campaign to cut regulation is entirely misplaced. Much of the regulation of which people complain is benign, and would be kept whether we are in or out of the EU. What really matters is our ability to influence the legislative agenda at global level. We need to be able to get rid of that which is bad, to improve the mediocre and to support and extend the good.

The point is that, to some some extent, as long as we retain some residual powers, we can still do this. But our powers are on the wane, and the longer we are in the EU, the weaker we will get. The only way we can maintain (and extend) our power at the global level is to leave the EU. 

And that is why we must vote leave on 23 June."

Only by being an independent Sovereign State can the United Kingdom sit at the Top Table, have an independent voice, representing all of its electors and not having its view watered down or influenced or overridden (by QMV) by the other 27.

This referendum is about National Sovereignty - National Power. Once we regain and restore people power then we can negotiate for what WE (the electors of the United Kingdom) want.

I can only emphasis that this referendum is about who governs Britain - a supranational government based in Brussels or the electorate of the United Kingdom.

This is about people power. 

Since it might take 10 years to get to a position where we are truly independent under the steps outlined in Flexcit (The Market Solution), vote for your children and grandchildren. 

Vote that your children and grandchildren will have power in the future. 

Vote that the United Kingdom may have an independent sovereign voice at the global top table where more decisions are being taken.

Vote to show Dave and Alexander (Boris) and Gideon that you have loaned them power and you want it back.

Vote for National Sovereignty (Power) 

Vote to Leave the European Union.

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