Sunday, 29 May 2016

An appeal to The Postal Voter

A few years ago, I was away for the local elections and applied for a postal vote. I have had a postal vote ever since.

My European Union Referendum postal vote arrived yesterday. 

This is the point at which you put pen to paper and I want to appeal to you to put your cross against the 'Leave the European Union' option which is the bottom option on the ballot paper:

Why should you do this?

The Principal reason is that you are voting to retake power from unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. 

The United Kingdom can be and is outvoted under Quality Majority Voting.

The United Kingdom has to implement European Union policies which may not be in the interests of the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom has NOT got an Independent Sovereign voice at the Top Table. 

The United Kingdom COULD get back its Independent Sovereign Voice at the top table.

This is where YOUR Vote is Vital and Precious

Please use it. Wisely.

If the Leave side wins the referendum absolutely nothing will happen the day after. It will take two years under Article 50 to Leave the European Union and the 'first base' will be the EFTA/EEA option that will keep us in the European Union single market and thus guarantee our trading relationships. 

It will mean repatriating the EU Acquis to the United Kingdom as a 'European Union Law book' and will probably take the next ten years to analyse and keep or repeal those laws.

It is not an 'instant fix' or anything like it. It has taken 43 years to get to this point, we can not undo 43 years of law making overnight, in any event some of the laws will still make sense after we Leave

There is an excellent plan outlined in Flexcit, the Market solution

This referendum is about the governance of the United Kingdom - who rules the United Kingdom - unelected officials in Brussels or YOU, the elector of the United Kingdom

Vote to restore YOUR governance of the United Kingdom

Vote to show that you are retaking power from the politicians to whom you have LOANED it

Vote to give the United Kingdom an Independent Sovereign Voice at the Top Table

Vote for the benefit of the generations that will follow that they will live in an Independent Sovereign State

Vote for Confidence

Vote against Supranationalism

Vote for Intergovernmental trading where all have an equal voice

Please, I appeal to YOU, the individual elector

Vote to Leave the European Union

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