Friday, 27 May 2016

IF (with apologies to Rudyard Kipling)

The main and deciding reason to vote to Leave the European Union is in order to take back governance of the United Kingdom from unelected officials and return it to the people and electors of the United Kingdom.

Some of the scare stories really need to be challenged. Can it really be true that if the electors of the United Kingdom vote to leave the undemocratic and regional supranational state that the European Union has become then this small island will bring down the European Union with it? 

If so that is an excellent reason to vote to leave the European Union so that Italy, Greece, the Baltic States and others can get their governance back and debate and trade inter-Governmentally.

Alex Salmond is reported to have said that a Brexit vote would lead to another Scottish Independence vote 'within two years'.

WHAT a coincidence when Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty allows the United Kingdom two years to leave the European Union. 

However, that is not the main issue here. 

If it is true that a vote to Leave the European Union would lead to a second Scottish Independence vote within two years, then that is a very good reason for every Scottish Nationalist Party supporter to vote to Leave the European Union.

If you want to have Scottish Independence, vote to Leave the European Union

If you are a Northern Irish, English or Welsh voter that wants Scotland to become an Independent Sovereign State, vote to Leave the European Union

If you are an English, Northern Irish or Welsh voter and are fed up of the Barnett formula, which sends money to Scotland and which even its inventor says is passed its sell by date, vote to Leave the European Union

If you are a Scottish, Welsh, English, or Northern Ireland voter who wants to remain together as the United Kingdom in an Independent Sovereign United Kingdom, vote to Leave the European Union

If you did not vote Conservative in the last General Election (3 out of 4 electors), vote to Leave the European Union

If you believe that David Cameron has lied to the electorate, vote to Leave the European Union

If you believe that Anthony Blair lied to the electorate over the Iraq war, vote to Leave the European Union

If you do not accept that Dr David Kelly committed suicide, vote to Leave the European Union

If you are angry about the repeated delays to the publication of the Chilcot inquiry, vote to Leave the European Union

If you do not trust our politicians or the political process, vote to Leave the European Union

If you do not approve of Barack Obama or Christine Lagarde or the leaders of the G7 trying to tell you how to vote, vote to Leave the European Union

If you think that Gideon Osborne is a devious mendacious pole climbing sycophantic politician and more of a liar than David Cameron is, vote to Leave the European Union

I mean - is any of the above advice any worse than the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt that the Remain camp keeps broadcasting?

If you are or were a Conservative Party member or supporter, then recognise that the party you support no longer exists and is led by liars. Take a look at this article

and accept that the Conservative Party is so toxic that it can no longer be trusted and vote to Leave the European Union.

I seriously advise you not to take part in Vote Leave's £50 million European Football Championship competition as, in order to do so, you must give them your data. This is not, in my opinion, a good thing to do:

ask first: 

What is going to happen to my data? Who will own it? What are they going to do with it? Can it be sold on? Have I any rights to rescind my data from Vote Leave?

This referendum is not about football competitions or cheap shots or lying Prime Ministers or Scottish Independence.

This referendum is about WHO governs the United Kingdom. 

The choice is:

Remain - unelected and irremovable bureaucrats based in Brussels  who really, really do not have the interests of the United Kingdom at the forefront of their minds.

Leave: Retake control; retake the power you have LOANED to the politicians. Make this country once again an Independent Sovereign Nation with an Independent Sovereign voice at the Top Table; able to initiate and influence policy which it is unable to do at present because it has to take a 'Community (European Union)' position and is represented by the regional supranational power to which it is subservient.

There is an intermediate 'soft' landing discussed in Flexcit, the Market Solution (the EFTA/EEA option)

which shows how we remain in the European Single Market whilst exiting the undemocratic regional supranational body (the European Union) to which we belong as a first step to full independence. The Economically Neutral Option which the Treasury did not even discuss in its latest hyperbolic publication. There is no leap in the dark. 

There is a way. 

Have confidence

Vote to retake power from a regional supranational unaccountable body

Vote to re-empower yourself and ensure that YOUR voice is heard at the Top Table as part of an Independent Sovereign State

Vote to show that you do not believe David Cameron or Gideon Osborne or Christine Lagarde.

Vote to empower your children and grandchildren

Vote for Independence

Vote for Influence

Vote for Confidence

Vote for Sovereignty

Vote to Leave the European Union

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